OMXPlayer is a commandline OMX player for the Raspberry PI.
It was developed as a testbed for the XBMC Raspberry PI implementation and is quite handy to use standalone.

OMXPlayer has big dependencies that take long to compile on Raspberry Pi and usually without sucess, so I decided to make a build-bot for creating binary distributions for Raspbian (Debian with hard-float for RPi).

I didn't wrote the code, I just provide the binary packages. If you have any problem with them you can contact me in different ways and I will try to help:


ISSUES: If you have any issue/problem with omxplayer first make sure you are using the latest build with the latest Raspberry Pi's firmware version, then check the troubleshooting section and if none of that works fell free to contact me by email or irc.

Latest build

Build date: 24/10/2014 00:55 UTC
Git version: 98982df
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.6~git20141024~98982df_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: df7a53763df34c7dbd85c6b038bfc36235265303
Notes: None.

Old builds

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Build date: 23/09/2014 00:55 UTC
Git version: 6ee9a0a
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.5~git20140923~6ee9a0a_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: cb8ca9e0cec7e99cae1c39ac2bbd701db88b52a8
Notes: None.

Build date: 14/09/2014 00:55 UTC
Git version: 73ba816
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.5~git20140914~73ba816_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: bb2738bd1c141cecdfe66926da5478898c01cd2a
Notes: None.

Build date: 19/08/2014 00:55 UTC
Git version: 62ae555
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.5~git20140819~62ae555_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 0aa7b9d84c45f813e8906ce524a01aa07ffea9d5
Notes: None.

Build date: 11/08/2014 00:55 UTC
Git version: 90b8951
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.5~git20140811~90b8951_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: fb8312b4e158a7514e9824f7bd4806b17de1c332
Notes: None.

Build date: 29/07/2014 20:00 UTC
Git version: e490fd9
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.5~git20140729~e490fd9_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 9119b94e7ab44b8f06df8be7ef5d1b0501f97a69
Notes: None.

Build date: 24/06/2014 20:00 UTC
Git version: 0be4eec
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.5~git20140624~0be4eec_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: c237a718113a66e4f3f73d21fa08a9564d940792
Notes: None.

Build date: 09/04/2014 20:00 UTC
Git version: 46616c5
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.5~git20140409~46616c5_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 9edac97bef0db74a61b05e373d259eebcd9efde2
Notes: None.

Build date: 04/04/2014 20:00 UTC
Git version: 1ca2f7a
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.5~git20140404~1ca2f7a_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 4690daa917ffb911deac246df24bfc635b0ebc07
Notes: None.

Build date: 28/03/2014 21:00 UTC
Git version: 9c8bc1a
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.5~git20140328~9c8bc1a_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 162cd93af7416d7907341dc28c5ccd11fd98ff61
Notes: None.

Build date: 22/03/2014 21:00 UTC
Git version: 39e6342
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.5~git20140322~39e6342_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: d4156ab76daf57c9c1fa7be7c67083016fd3c38b
Notes: None.

Build date: 18/03/2014 21:00 UTC
Git version: d37454c
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.5~git20140318~d37454c_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 5bf6aa8e9bd51e007c887e2225bae191762e4e07
Notes: None.

Build date: 15/03/2014 21:00 UTC
Git version: 7fb5ef0
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.5~git20140315~7fb5ef0_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 1d2e5699758e3bf9ae79330d63d54e1e0a700e0d
Notes: None.

Build date: 13/03/2014 21:05 UTC
Git version: 4adb5c0
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.5~git20140313~4adb5c0_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 6923b62acbb40ef484617b627988fcc06c2808bd
Notes: None.

Build date: 09/03/2014 18:20 UTC
Git version: 9b0793f
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.5~git20140309~9b0793f_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 1a7391781d31d9a8eb783b7ab523625b5591709d
Notes: Now supports https, requires libssl1.0.0

Build date: 06/03/2014 06:15 CEST
Git version: 6ef31ad
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.4~git20140306~6ef31ad_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: c78d3ce65cb077641915b685efa1f769cc87b4ee
Notes: None.

Build date: 02/03/2014 22:15 CEST
Git version: 16d8b48
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.4~git20140302~16d8b48_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: ee4e013cf352daff23c87dc00a36d4dadba3be55
Notes: None.

Build date: 20/02/2014 22:15 CEST
Git version: 7af21f5
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.4~git20140220~7af21f5_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 8ca5045b9cfbe7ebd25f2622a66f5d4389f0a841
Notes: None.

Build date: 12/02/2014 06:05 CEST
Git version: bf48901
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.4~git20140212~bf48901_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: fbde59e8be2596734836063d74c25a5ef7740e10
Notes: None.

Build date: 23/01/2014 06:05 CEST
Git version: 1091db2
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.4~git20140123~1091db2_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 5eefc49cd3b8b40a37bd51c9a55d28f1ae8232cb
Notes: None.

Build date: 13/01/2014 22:05 CEST
Git version: f666a5d
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.4~git20140116~f666a5d_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 4b811ab39e8c491011b6650a4cf0d6a975bde9dd
Notes: None.

Build date: 15/01/2014 22:05 CEST
Git version: efb9fe5
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.4~git20140115~efb9fe5_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 4841474e2b9d2e0a531c7760746395ae5675cdfc
Notes: None.

Build date: 06/01/2014 22:05 CEST
Git version: d1a4a0e
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.4~git20140106~d1a4a0e_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 55dce5a5c20af6cb3318d23e0c4a2b4b52695ac9
Notes: None.

Build date: 05/01/2014 15:50 CEST
Git version: 74f4be2
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.4~git20140105~74f4be2_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 6302ae89cf22ec564ba4a3e7801f926e8626d2a3
Notes: None.

Build date: 04/01/2014 15:55 CEST
Git version: 8491367
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.4~git20140104~8491367_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 21fb6046be2869696b93c21ff8f575c1d4a94631
Notes: None.

Build date: 01/01/2014 22:05 CEST
Git version: be3e1db
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.3~git20140101~be3e1db_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 850e8219d3afb1ff8fc7a089b0bc8ff16ce9c92f
Notes: None.

Build date: 16/12/2013 22:05 CEST
Git version: b34143c
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.3~git20131216~b34143c_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 96a5a599807219f309f848a926608f03e485e65e
Notes: None.

Build date: 19/11/2013 23:50 CEST
Git version: 9b52cee
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.3~git20131119~9b52cee_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 338d101dce32ba5c75e9c8c702a774521e6142d9
Notes: Fixed an issue with LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

Build date: 05/11/2013 16:25 CEST
Git version: c0dd950
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.2~git20131105~c0dd950_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 47278b1592f436305f3afc2717c42bf0b3becac5
Notes: None.

Build date: 23/10/2013 06:05 CEST
Git version: 38f05ee
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.2~git20131023~38f05ee_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: eaa98a8b337fcf43f38bc83ec2c513560dc449ba
Notes: None.

Build date: 20/10/2013 20:05 CEST
Git version: 5326b5c
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.2~git20131020~5326b5c_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 213e530a08e45acd1f35293b4db3ffa54bacac81
Notes: None.

Build date: 16/10/2013 16:15 CEST
Git version: 37fd6fb
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.2~git20131016~37fd6fb_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 5902ac312e01af21cdfe8e56330797c357fddd00
Notes: None.

Build date: 04/10/2013 14:55 CEST
Git version: 5777879
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.2~git20131004~5777879_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: c4c05a4e9ad40f36b9fa8cc23e25e88277b58074
Notes: None.

Build date: 15/09/2013 22:00 CEST
Git version: 3e8d718
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.1~git20130915~3e8d718_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: c718aa1e0d25be0858898da0c1cb6cbec8d3a28c
Notes: None.

Build date: 13/09/2013 16:30 CEST
Git version: 6bfa4b9
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.1~git20130913~6bfa4b9_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 8b054594234f9749b22782a77ad19aaea15408e3
Notes: None.

Build date: 03/09/2013 12:20 CEST
Git version: 40bf71e
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.1~git20130903~40bf71e_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: ba580c692b4edfba1a860c948cc3bb7861fbe525
Notes: New version with DBUS support, it should work now. If you still found an issue with DBUS please report it here.

Build date: 15/08/2013 14:00 CEST
Git version: c99bc80
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.0~git20130815~c99bc80_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: b2d8aa3c79ef8cf1d6163a1f8da76088e8a1795f
Notes: None.

Build date: 15/08/2013 06:00 CEST
Git version: 600235f
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.0~git20130815~600235f_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 81a6ac8cbfd52531c542e01b44d8d41276a8fc6e
Notes: None.

Build date: 14/08/2013 22:00 CEST
Git version: 6e81c95
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.0~git20130814~6e81c95_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: be736ad1892da49826cb8a006a2dcb3fe4e539ba
Notes: None.

Build date: 29/07/2013 22:00 CEST
Git version: 6838dfd
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.0~git20130729~6838dfd_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: c52fe3d6d0ccd855fab5d1b245ff55b4f2de14da
Notes: None.

Build date: 29/07/2013 11:45 CEST
Git version: efd1049
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.0~git20130729~efd1049_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 4fcb95247e33306aa9af65199c8d237807edc012
Notes: None.

Build date: 15/07/2013 10:40 CEST
Git version: 22bacf4
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.0~git20130715~22bacf4_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: c5f042be98faf3df4b6d6c52683f534e9f486078
Notes: None.

Build date: 09/07/2013 06:00 CEST
Git version: 2b110d9
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.0~git20130709~2b110d9_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: c99d4596f845030ef37e8870bcfdd2c7feb50192
Notes: None.

Build date: 04/07/2013 22:00 CEST
Git version: 4fa7d64
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.0~git20130704~4fa7d64_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: b039472409d13d7db5814bd7ab976bfa33d2b075
Notes: None.

Build date: 27/06/2013 11:15 CEST
Git version: b853c39
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.0~git20130627~b853c39_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: d126ff34333f855fd90337eb2a3abb79b8982a05
Notes: Now my builds are cross-compiled using GCC Linaro using native raspbian libs.

Build date: 24/06/2013 22:00 CEST
Git version: 211b7a66
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.3.0~git20130624~211b7a66_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: a739891e6bcae5c516d9652a0109ab062284b76f
Notes: Now omxplayer can set the background to black using the -b. New launcher script (now will only refresh the screen if -r/--refresh is specified). Downgraded fbset and x11-xserver-utils from "recommends" to "suggests" so it won't be installed by default as a dependency.

Build date: 22/06/2013 22:00 CEST
Git version: af28ef87
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.2.7~git20130622~af28ef87_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 3fe8724eabdc801ff33789af2ad80ef8acb9ec19
Notes: None.

Build date: 20/06/2013 11:30 CEST
Git version: 746e730b
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.2.7~git20130620~746e730b_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 91a22011a406f7a7d35fbb5c2800b4f6367fac51
Notes: None.

Build date: 18/06/2013 14:00 CEST
Git version: 8486405a
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.2.7~git20130618~8486405a_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 62b92078fc80d48b662dd9248990c6714bdaad53
Notes: None.

Build date: 18/06/2013 12:30 CEST
Git version: 69cd6589
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.2.7~git20130618~69cd6589_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 3f1afa71f85fe7756640dcb63795930172c767fb
Notes: None.

Build date: 15/06/2013 22:00 CEST
Git version: d87aa60a
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.2.7~git20130615~d87aa60a_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 147aa47897b08ef34510f7bf382e645874e32eb2
Notes: Now omxplayer has a -v/--version option that allows the user seeing which version it's running.

Build date: 11/06/2013 14:00 CEST
Git version: 27d3bb74
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.2.7~git20130611~27d3bb74_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 8c437ddf533f868adb5ebcd34f82b4a3c19e7fa6
Notes: Since the previous build I'm building the new versions from popcornmix fork.

Build date: 11/06/2013 11:30 CEST
Git version: b95d439b
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.2.7~git20130611~b95d439b_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 180c6fd4959e4916c5389ccfe392dcc1d6c29449
Notes: Since this build I'm building the new versions from popcornmix fork.

Build date: 27/04/2013 22:00 CEST
Git version: fcfb7911
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.2.6~git20130427~fcfb7911_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: eda3fa5bc4e78c64bf4e94fa40ee32ba54879b33
Notes: None. (Previous applies)

Build date: 25/04/2013 10:45 CEST
Git version: 8e8e6c88
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.2.6~git20130425~8e8e6c88_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: af076865ebb1fa5444152cc622c10ad481e4bf33
Notes: Rebuilt version, requires updated firmware to 22/04/2013. Now you can disable screen refreshing launching omxplayer like (added by popular request): NOREFRESH=1 omxplayer video.mkv

Build date: 23/04/2013 14:00 CEST
Git version: 8e8e6c88
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.2.5~git20130423~8e8e6c88_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 797e4f7f5425061e91a7a057b572ee0c3a016125
Notes: Requires updated firmware to 22/04/2013.

Build date: 21/04/2013 23:30 CEST
Git version: ae4dc6e9
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.2.5~git20130421~ae4dc6e9_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: dd045526b0e09fc66a3ec1f22122feaf2728eddf
Notes: None.

Build date: 26/03/2013 12:00 CEST
Git version: 5b369233
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.2.5~git20130326~5b369233_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 41ac5e90dd6637b03469fcff0e5818366263d21a
Notes: None.

Build date: 22/03/2013 14:00 CEST
Git version: ff4a8426
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.2.5~git20130322~ff4a8426_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 3a6989bc2108180bed5a68346fb763789ee77910
Notes: None.

Build date: 23/02/2013 22:00 CEST
Git version: b1aec105
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.2.5~git20130223~b1aec105_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 94dc4161837348da5242bb9984e787f3ea67c761
Notes: None.

Build date: 14/02/2013 14:30 CEST
Git version: 72fd0081
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.2.5~git20130214~72fd0081_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 1f4d3636a6c0ab40e1c262998c5b3f4df49b7372
Notes: New version of the script. Should fix the black screens.

Build date: 13/02/2013 09:30 CEST
Git version: 72fd0081
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.2.4~git20130213~72fd0081_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 3b5a60d16cca65381a581a9329ca113bbe31c88a
Notes: None.

Build date: 08/02/2013 22:00 CEST
Git version: 5c2f65e3
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.2.4~git20130208~5c2f65e3_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: d7c6798ad5373b4c09bf4bfaa274ddf72aba87d5
Notes: None.

Build date: 03/02/2013 17:00 CEST
Git version: ba548f0d
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.2.4~git20130203~ba548f0d_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 0b54c61c1063c48eba2bb3f78c2f8cc8361e6027
Notes: External and ASS subtitles support. Read previous build note!

Build date: 26/01/2013 22:00 CEST
Git version: 362751fa
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.2.4~git20130126~362751fa_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 2710edf0de58b424020d02108b96c34a10991c9d
Notes: Now supports VP6, Theora and MJPG. Requires updated firmware to 26/01/2013.

Build date: 24/01/2013 06:00 CEST
Git version: 2051027b
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.2.4~git20130124~2051027b_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 0bdd33b794afe4289ea0a6ef71f840980e32f030
Notes: None.

Build date: 14/01/2013 16:30 CEST
Git version: 4d7ad1a9
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.2.4~git20130114~4d7ad1a9_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 8a0fe8702e93387c4940b5543fdcd5e8cdb75cfb
Notes: None.

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Experimental builds

/!\ WARNING /!\
Don't use this versions unless you know what are you doing.
There is no support for this versions.
This packages are not automatically updated.

Boblight support

Git version: 03cfbee7 (Stasik0's fork) - Forked from a8e69391
Build date: 25/04/2013 21:00 CEST
Download .deb (armhf): omxplayer_0.2.6~boblight~git20130425~03cfbee7_armhf.deb
SHA-1 Hash: 8b19ff89031ec0bef4e05f1b6ec4ae6a7efb702f

Key bindings

Key Action
1 Increase Speed
2 Decrease Speed
j Previous Audio stream
k Next Audio stream
i Previous Chapter
o Next Chapter
n Previous Subtitle stream
m Next Subtitle stream
s Toggle subtitles
q Exit OMXPlayer
Space or p Pause/Resume
- Decrease Volume
+ Increase Volume
Left Seek -30
Right Seek +30
Down Seek -600
Up Seek +600


First you need install required dependencies:

# aptitude install libpcre3 fonts-freefont-ttf
- or -
# apt-get install libpcre3 fonts-freefont-ttf

Optionally you can install fbset, I highly recommend it if you are going to use --refresh/-r option:

# aptitude install fbset
- or -
# apt-get install fbset

When you have installed the dependencies you can go ahead downloading the omxplayer and install it with dpkg:

# wget http://omxplayer.sconde.net/builds/omxplayer_x.x.x~gitxxxxxxxx~xxxxxxxx_armhf.deb
# dpkg -i omxplayer_x.x.x~gitxxxxxxxx~xxxxxxxx_armhf.deb

Note 1: The crunch (number sign) means that you have to run that command with root privileges.
Note 2: You must substitute all the x, see the builds section to find the current build.


Screen flicker when omxplayer finishes playing

Sometimes when omxplayer finishes playing a video the screen turns black so I've included a hack in the launcher script to refresh the screen. This hack makes the screen flicker.

If you want to disable this hack you have to set the enviroment variable NOREFRESH to 1 as follows:

$ NOREFRESH=1 omxplayer video.mp4

No such file or directory

/usr/bin/omxplayer: line xx: /usr/bin/omxplayer.bin: No such file or directory

Usually appears using my builds in Raspbmc. This problem is solved running this:

# ln /lib/ld-linux-armhf.so.3 /lib/ld-linux.so.3

Symbol lookup error

/usr/bin/omxplayer.bin: Symbol lookup error: /usr/bin/omxplayer.bin: undefined symbol: vc_xxxxxxxxxx.

This error appears when omxplayer has a feature that your currently installed firmware don't have. Please update your firmware.
I personally use rpi-update to have firmware updated.

Insufficient permissions to access /dev/vchiq

This can happen running omxplayer as user. To allow using omxplayer as user you need to do this:

# echo 'SUBSYSTEM=="vchiq",GROUP="video",MODE="0660"' > /etc/udev/rules.d/10-vchiq-permissions.rules
# reboot

Error while loading shared libraries

/usr/bin/omxplayer.bin: error while loading shared libraries: libxxxxxxx.so.xx: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Some packages were broken so you will need to remove omxplayer and install it again:

# aptitude purge omxplayer
# wget http://omxplayer.sconde.net/builds/omxplayer_x.x.x~gitxxxxxxxx~xxxxxxxx_armhf.deb
# dpkg -i omxplayer_x.x.x~gitxxxxxxxx~xxxxxxxx_armhf.deb

Package architecture does not match system

dpkg: error processing omxplayer_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.deb (--install):
package architecture (armhf) does not match system (armel)
Errors were encountered while processing:

This means that you are trying to install my OMXPlayer build on Debian. My builds are only for Raspbian (armhf/hard) that is the reference distribution of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.
You can read about hard vs softfp here: http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=7796&p=99844

Other problems

If you have any other problem that is not listed before please contact me. If you are sure that is an omxplayer problem please check omxplayer's issue tracker at github.

Important: If you are going to report an issue you must the output of omxplayer --version or the name of the .deb package you installed.